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3 Common Reasons You Might Need to Re-key Your Home In Columbus OHIO

What would you do if you lost your keys? You might think, Well, I’ll just wait until I get another set made before I lock myself out. That’s fine, but have you ever considered having all the locks in your home re-keyed? Here are three common reasons why you might want to Re-key Your Home In Columbus OHIO

Do you live in an apartment building?

If your landlord owns your building, he or she should pay for re-keying if they change any of your locks. If you’re not sure if it’s required, ask. Do you live in a condo? be aware that some homeowners’ associations have specific rules regarding re-keying that might come with hefty fines or penalties for noncompliance.

If someone recently moved out of your home

If you just had a renter move out of your home, chances are you’ll need to re-key it. Without new locks installed, your renters could have gained access to your home and made copies of keys. A simple re-keying service will replace all of your locks with brand new ones that only you can get copies for.

Selling your home?

Changing your locks is a good idea if you’re selling your home. In fact, many real estate agents will insist on it before they list a property. If a potential buyer breaks into your house while you’re still living there and re-keys all of your locks, well, now they have access to every door in your house. And even if that doesn’t happen, homebuyers generally feel more comfortable with brand new locks that have never been used before.

set of keys

re-key Lock Service In Columbus Ohio

How long is your first set of keys going to last? If you’re anything like most homeowners, you’ll likely need a re-key service in Ohio at some point during your home-ownership tenure. Why? It seems that no matter how well we take care of our locks and keep them clean, they can wear out over time. When that happens, it’s time for a new lock—and a new key. If you need re-key services in Columbus Ohio or surrounding areas, Call (614) 505-4103.

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