Door security comes down to your door hardware choices, and of course, proper installation. That’s why Columbus Metro Locksmith is here to help our residential and commercial customers select the ideal security door locks, fire rated hardware, deadbolts, and other door hardware for all types of doors. Columbus Metro Locksmith is a family-owned and operated business that provides mobile locksmith service for the entire Columbus region, contact us and we’ll bring our services to you.

Today, the security industry brims with a vast array of lock types for homes and businesses. What type of lock is right for your home or setting? We can help you select security door locks, deadbolts, mortise locks, smart locks, or high-security locks. Installing new door hardware like high-security locks is an investment in your property’s safety and security. We take our installation job seriously. We have years of experience installing all types of locks for area residential and commercial property owners. If you need new door hardware or lock repair, choose our licensed and insured company for service.


Do you want to install or repair your door lock for your home? We have a premium service sought after by hundreds of clients in the city from business owners to homeowners. At Columbus Metro Locksmith, you can hire us for glass door services such as installation, replacement, and repair. You can also avail of our reliable locksmith to unlock, repair and install your lock. It is a specialized service for glass doors to help secure homes and structures.

Glass door locks can get damaged with continued use. It is important that you repair your lock to help secure your place. Our professional glass door lock repair men are ready to fix any lock that uses different lock systems. A failed lock will be easy to fix if you have Columbus Metro Locksmith great technicians working on it. Clients can also call to hire a lock installation service on their glass door. The new glass door will be properly installed on the frame in no time.

The door lock of any door is a very critical part. While glass doors and sliding doors are designed to create an aura of openness, there is also a need to securely lock the door when not in use. The security and safety of a home or business are highly reliant on having highly effective door locks to avoid the weaknesses. Moreover, for doors that need to stay open, a locking mechanism that keeps the sliding door open also needs to work efficiently. As such, we offer high-quality door lock repair services. Whichever locking mechanism that your door has, you can rest assured that our trained technicians can fix it when it fails for you. We can fix various type of sliding door locks such as safety locks, security locks & track lock. We also fix door handle with key lock and digital locks.

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Choosing Lock Installation Service in Columbus

People lose their keys all the time and sometimes need to regain access to their homes. We off both lock replacement as well as lock re-keying services, especially for those just moving into a new house. Our main goal is to ensure that you have access to find locksmith near me services from a reliable locksmith company in Columbus. Having a secure home is a necessity that only a highly recommended locksmith in Columbus can help you maintain. When choosing a locksmith to help you with your home security and other locksmith services, here are some things you should consider:

Experienced and licensed – Ensure that your locksmith works with licensed locksmith with all the required qualifications. At Columbus Metro Locksmith, our team consists of licensed, insured and extensively trained locksmiths who are available to help you with emergency locksmith services

Recommended locksmiths – Before choosing a locksmith to come to carry out work at your home, speak to friends and family about recommending a company that they have used before and trust. A recommended locksmith has a good reputation which he’s more likely to uphold.

Transparent charges – Always obtain a full quote from the locksmith company that you contact before allowing them start work so that you are not hit with hidden charges that bring your bill higher than what you envisaged.

Ask for identification – Reputable locksmiths should come to your house in a branded vehicle and have valid identification that show who they are and the company they work with. Always write down the license plate number of the vehicle which the locksmith arrives in in the event you have a dispute in the future.

When you need LOCK INSTALLATION SERVICE, we’re here to help

Columbus Metro Locksmith is one of the best locksmiths in Columbus. Columbus is known in the locksmith industry as being a ‘hot bed’ for fake locksmith activity. In other words, there are many fake companies posting as real, educated, and trained locksmiths. The great news is that we’ve been checked and re-checked and have been verified as real, local locksmiths.

Looking for a locksmith for cars? We’ve got you covered. As you can see, we also have lock expertise beyond key fobs and car key replacement. Electric strikes, electric locks, smart locks, mortise locks, door knob locks, and deadbolt locks are just a few of the type of security hardware we can repair, replace, and install.

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Fast, friendly, and efficient lock, key, and rekey services across Columbus.

You are the key to our success. Columbus Metro Locksmith provides home, auto, and commercial locksmith services. Call on us for fast, friendly, reliable and efficient locksmith services at very reasonable prices. At Columbus Metro Locksmith, we specialize in working with homeowners, associations, management companies, and businesses for all their lock installation, repair, rekey, and key duplicate needs. We will be there when you need us. Located in Columbus, OH, Columbus Metro Locksmith has been faithfully serving the entire valley area for over 10 years! We want to be your neighborhood locksmith, someone you can trust for years to come. You can rely on Columbus Metro Locksmith for all your locksmith needs. Feel this secure … with Columbus Metro Locksmith!