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Residentials Locksmith - Lock replacement

Whether you are a business owner or responsible for a retail store, warehouse, single office, entire office building, or other commercial space in Columbus. We can provide high-quality commercial locksmith services and security solutions according to your building requirements. Our company provides commercial locksmith service to:

Around Columbus Ohio and the surrounding area.

24/7 Emergency Commercial Locksmith

Locked out of your office/business? We can open your office or store door, rectify any damage, and replace locks. 24/7 fast response, including weekends and holidays.

Commercial Locksmith - COMMERCIAL LOCKS

Columbus Metro Locksmith provides lock installation services, lock repair, or replacement of commercial electronic keypad, keyless, and fingerprint locks, using the finest products on the market.

commercial Locksmith - Lock replacement
commercial Locksmith - Lock replacement


Commercial Locksmith services in Columbus ohio Area

Key Card Locks

The small size, incredible durability, and consistency of proximity cards have made them a mainstay for accessing areas in a commercial facility.

Secure Locks

These are designed for simple installation, connection, and management. Some are even equipped with Wi-Fi to provide updates every 24 hours sent directly from the software with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Scanner Locks

Using a card that does not require sliding by employing proximity and smart card tech makes entry seamless for your personnel. This technology reader will allow a user to access areas while still using traditional key card locks across multiple facilities.

Keypad Locks

Throw away the keys and exchange them for a code that can’t be lost. Combine that with an ultra-convenient thumb turn for entry and exiting, this deadbolt provides maximum security by making the door nearly bump proof.

Commercial Locksmith services in Columbus ohio Area

Some safes can be opened with no damage at all by scope and others may need to be drilled.

Although old dial locks use no batteries, they take total concentration and more time to open. Digital electronic number pads are much easier and faster to open.

Imagine if an intruder wakes you up in the middle of the night and you need to get your firearm out of your safe for protection. You don’t want to be stuck dialing a lock combination 3/4 times trying to get your safe opened! we can replace old dial locks with updated electronic push padlocks.

We are happy to answer your security-related questions or other information about our lock and safe services, which include lock rekeying, lock and safe installation, safe openings, and safe repair.

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