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All our work is carried out in full transparency, we are the most trusted physical security experts in the Columbus Ohio area. When you are looking for LOCKSMITH CLINTONVILLE COLUMBUS OH and you found us then, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. our locksmith’s technicians, proudly servicing homes and businesses for over a decade in the great Columbus Ohio area.


You probably never thought of how important your locks are until the moment you had an emergency lock-out situation, or worse, discovered that you could not get into your own home because the locks malfunctioned somehow. While these moments can be quite stressful, being prepared by knowing what to do in such situations can actually help ease. the tension and even get you through the event with as little damage and headache as possible.



When you have a lock problem and do not know who to call, it can be overwhelming, especially when you do not trust just anybody with your home or office security. One of our specialties is cutting keys for new and old locks. Many homes and businesses have older locks that require a different type of key. It’s often cheaper to cut a replacement key, so if you ever find yourself locked out. No worries! call us and our technicians are already on their way to you. The inconvenience will be fixed quickly with no additional hassles along the way.

Residential Locksmith

Losing your keys can be extremely stressful, especially if you need to get into your home or office right away. What do you do when you realize that you’ve lost your house key? Residential Locksmith Service Are Available 24/7. If you live in an apartment complex, but your main door has a broken lock and you’re locked out of your home, then someone being available 24/7 can make all of the difference in how quickly you get back inside.

Locksmith Clintonville Columbus Oh - residential locksmith service


Are you locked out of your car? Do you need an immediate replacement for your old car keys? If the answer is YES, then call us now and our master technicians will resolve your car locksmith issue right away. If you have accidentally misplaced or lost your car key, call us immediately as these situations are treated as an emergency and should be resolved at the earliest.

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Need a “locksmith near me” in Clintonville Columbus, OH? You have come to the right place! We are Columbus metro locksmiths – a proud company that has been faithfully serving customers for over 25 years. We Provide Commercial, Residential, and Car Locksmith Services in the Clintonville Columbus Oh region.

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Yes. Columbus metro locksmith is a licensed, bonded, and insured Locksmith company.

Yes, we have mobile locksmiths available 24/7 to assist you with your emergency locksmith needs in the great state of Ohio.

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Our dispatchers and locksmiths technicians are on call 24/7 and are happy to help you with all of your lock replacement needs. our services areas include the state of Ohio and all nearby areas.

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At Columbus Metro Locksmith, we accept all major credit cards, as well as cash and checks.

Most padlock keys can be duplicated, but it depends on the padlock.

Yes, we have mobile locksmiths who can come out and assist you when you lock your keys in your car. If you need assistance, call us at (614) 505-4103

No, not all locks are able to be picked. Some residential and commercial locks are high-security and pick-resistant.

Yes, we offer fast and reliable key cutting services in Ohio. On top of this, our locksmiths can also program keys to suit your vehicle.

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